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Karam Dosa Movie Review

Casting: Shivakumar Ramachandravarapu, Surya Sreenivas, Vankayala Sathyanarayana, Y.Kasi Vishwanath, Amil, Chandana, Adabala
Producer: Veena Vedika Productions P Ltd
Director: Trivikram Gajulapalli
Music: Siddharth Watkins
Rating: 1.5/5.0


Vemana (Shivakumar), Bali (Anil), Adabala (Puchuko) stays along with their friend Ravi (Surya Sreenivas) who works as a software engineer. All the three aspire to earn quick money and get rich and plan various strategies rather than believe in hard work.

All of them eat in nearby Pichchayya restaurant run by Satyanarayana (Vankayala Sathyanarayana) which is famous for Karam Dosa. After intense struggle they find that Satyanarayana is on a secret mission in nearby Pichchayya Kona.

To find out more about secret mission, watch Karam Dosa on screen.


All the newcomers Shivakumar Ramachandravarapu, Surya Sreenivas, Chandana tried their best to attract viewers with their performances. However despite their best efforts they have a long way to go.

Kasi Vishwanath played key role as a transport manager. Others performed according to their roles.


Siddharth Watkins background music is ok. Music is average. Songs are situational. Cinematography of Raja Bhattacharjeee is natural. It highlighted the rural atmosphere quite well. Editing of Suresh could have been far better. It is below average.

Director could have fastened the pace of the film and concentrated on central theme to generate interest among movie lovers. Production values are good.

Plus Points:

Emotional feel
Couple of dialogues

Minus Points:

Story, Screenplay, Direction
Slow pace
Lack of twists and turns


Trivikram Gajulapalli planned to highlight how tribal’s are exploited by the influential people taking advantage of their innocence without trying to bring them into the mainstream. Though the film starts on a interesting note, it deviates from there on dragging listlessly like a serial. Sometimes one gets a feeling that serial is better than the film.

Director failed with his story, screenplay and direction as he tested everyone’s patience with listless, slow narration. First half ends in a routine manner, second half results in endless torture before ending with a routine climax announcing that the film has a second part.


Karam Dosa scares people out of theatres.

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